mandag den 23. juli 2012

What is Review Engine Roi from Smash Hit Social

Review Engine Roi from Smash Hit Social(read here about the man behind: Nick Unsworth)  is a brand new product that I must say sounds very promising as a way to get free Facebook traffic and the best part is that the viral traffic sounds like the traffic you really want for your business/product...

Traffic that is more interested in buying from you even before they visit your site.

Click here to watch Review Engine Roi video Official Website

Read on and I shall explain why that is, and maybe you will also see why so many people are hyped about this Review Engine Roi product which get free Facebook traffic, and a lot of marketers think it will revolutionize and change the whole social marketing strategy in general.

What the product from Smash Hit Social is

Review Engine Roi is not only just a Facebook application, but it is also a live coaching program which shows how to exactly get a return on your investment if you decide to get Review Engine Roi (“return on your investment” is what ROI in the product name stands for).

The Facebook applications is created to help entrepreneurs, marketers and online businesses to get more paying customers without the hassle on spending a lot of time and money handling social media strategies and if you are in charge of the social media marketing, you know how time consuming and sometimes frustrating it can be doing that particular job.

Review Engine Roi is handling your social marketing strategy by the marketing application which is utilizing the world’s most powerful form of marketing “word of mouth” combining it with fan reviews of your product.

Great coaching program + Very easy to use software = Free automatic viral reviews for your business which brings in the right customers
Basically you allow people to review your product/business the simple way by pushing a button, and in that way you create an entire viral reviewer’s army that keep on spreading and getting you huge free Facebook traffic during time. 

This is because people on Facebook most of the time read their friends postings, we all do that more or less, and to be honest who is better to give you advice or guidance than your friends? You trust your friends and if they show you something good, you will automatically click and read it with a positive attitude, and if you like it you will also click the easy review button and then the friends on your list will read your review and… the viral army spreads. 

EBay, Amazon and others have been using this customer review concept for some time with success, so it is not a question of if the concept works. The only concern is do you think it will work for Facebook with the huge platform of potential customers?

How does the fan Review App works?
First you add the Fan Review app to your Facebook page by 1 click

Next you simply ask your fans, network and customers to write you a review about you, your products, services, content, or company and the viral distribution of your review work its magic. (Here you can read my article about Review Engine Roi Features from Smash Hit Social). 

That’s how simple this product really is to use and if you like to get your share of free Facebook traffic go watch this video from the creator of the product on their website.

Click here to watch Review Engine Roi Video from Official Website

Review Engine Roi Features from Smash Hit Social

  • Viral Testimonial – Each review that is at least 4 or 5 stars gets posted to the reviewers friends virally as a status update with an image of their positive review about you
    • This is a viral testimonial from one friend to another
    • We have found that the reviews can generate “likes,” messages, traffic, phone calls, and most importantly new customers because friends trust their friends opinions
    • Creates positive brand positioning
    • Testimonial Content – Each review that is at least 4 or 5 stars can be automatically posted on YOUR FB page as a status update for your fans to see
    • This solves the “What do I say on Facebook?” content burden and automates the absolute most impactful type of content… “earned media.”
  • Settings
    • You have the ability to choose how many stars you would like the reviews to have in order for them to be posted out virally
  • Fan Reviews Website Plugin
    • All positive or 4-5 star reviews can be automatically synced with our plugin that can be placed on your website to show social proof and increase conversions
    • Place the plugin on your squeeze page, sales letter, and next to your shopping cart to increase conversions
  • Authenticity and social proof
    • Because fan reviews automatically populates the “reviewers” FB personal profile photo in their review people can see that it’s a “real” person and not a fake
  • “Agree” and comment functionality
    • You can click the agree button on your reviews to let the person know that you like it
    • Comment on your reviews and engage with your fans
    • In the event that you receive a bad review 1-3 stars it shows on the fan reviews wall so that you can comment and rectify the situation.
  • Moderator control
    • Have the full ability to moderate all reviews
  • Reputation management built in
    • Receive an email notification when you receive a review 

How to get people to your website with Smash Hit Social

Do you often ask yourself the question how to get people to your website from time to time, because without people on the website you have, there is no point having the website.

There are lot of ways to get people to your website besides getting the traffic from the Smash Hit Social product and you have probably heard about the most common ways of traffic like 

·         Make your site user friendly 
·         Seo 
·         Submit to the thousands of search engines there are
·         Forum posting 
·         Fresh content 
·         Backlinks 
·         White hat vs. black hat 
·         Social media 
·         Web 2.0 
·         And so on

All those “millions” ways to get traffic and maybe you are thinking the same as me 
What is the easiest way to attract more visitors?

Because the above takes a lot of time no matter if it is Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Articles, Slideshare, Video, Web 2.0, Forums etc. and time is valuable because the clock is ticking all the time, and as humans we are not capable of doing 10 things at the same time, so the easy way to do things is an important question when you try to attract more visitors. 

Besides the above - and you need most of them - you could use a free easy way to market your site and that’s by word of mouth. 

Tell your family, friends, strangers, colleagues and others about your site because word of mouth is a no cost marketing tool, and can be contagious if people actually visit your site and like what they see. 

For this to work you need to make sure you're telling the right people and do what is needed to persuad them to actually visit the site and pass the info on to attract more visitors.
The problem with the word of mouth is that you run out of colleagues, friends, family and the traffic stream dries up. And that’s why Review Engine Roi from Smash Hit Social can be a great product for you. Not only do you need to get visitors, but you probably also want to convert the traffic into something that generates it to some sort of income.

You can read my article What is Review Engine Roi from Smash Hit Social by clicking for a better idea what the product can do for your business. 

The product "Review Engine Roi" is developed to help businesses get the best power of social media to gain reviews of their business or products in real time using Facebook.

The great thing about this is when potential customers see other real customers that have dealt with you leaving great 5 stars reviews about your business or products, they will automatically gain trust in your business/product which will mean your income stream increase. 
Your social media marketing will skyrocket for free because unless you sell a bad product the new customers will most likely also provide their review of your product and you gain new fresh reviews almost totally free. Almost totally free means you need to buy the Review Engine Roi to gain access to this viral social media marketing that will increase people’s motivation to buy from you.
Review engine from Smash Hit Social sounds like a great product to answer the question how to get people to your website

fredag den 20. juli 2012

Who is Nick Unsworth from Smash Hit Social?

You are most likely here because of this new and may I say what seems like a very amazing tool for free Facebook traffic called Review Engine Roi. But do you as I did before checking up on this, wonder who the people behind it are, and especially who is the main man Nick Unsworth? Read on for my short review of the man behind Smash Hit Social.
Nick Unsworth is of course an entrepreneur & Social Media Pro that like most other marketers is trying to make a business on helping others having success. It might sound a bit tacky but most marketers actually are there to help others, because if you don’t provide help to other people in the marketing business you will not have success yourself, and Nick Unsworth is trying to share his knowledge and resources of what he learned in social media & online marketing – And he is very good at social media marketing business and especially traffic from Facebook.
Nick Unsworth has in his own words taken a stand on being average. He wants to live his life to the fullest and only do the things that make him happy.
That stand to life brought him the good life with a good job in network marketing, which though crashed big time because the company he were in went into bankruptcy because of not following up with the technology.
That brought Nick from top of the world to the bottom and close to financial disaster.
Nick tried a few things after the bankruptcy without success and this was before he became a master of free Facebook traffic. Things turned around when he received a book from his mother, the book is “The secret” – according to him that book turned everything around and put things into perspective.
After reading the entire book in one go, Nick changed everything and started business of real estate and that was what brought him the social media success combined with local networking, and were the basics that taught him how to be an expert of getting free Facebook traffic.
Nick Unsworth has a “mission” and basically the mission is
My mission is to build a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs who are interested in turning their passion into a business and living life to the absolute fullest.  For some, it will start with using social media to attract more customers to your current business…for others it will lead to a much larger personal and professional transformation that will help you follow that dream that you’ve had in the back of your mind since you were a little kid.  I want to help you live with passion and purpose so that when you wake up in the morning YOU decide that you’re going to work because you WANT to…not because you HAVE to”

The latest product from Smash Hit Social, which will most likely change social media use, is Review Engine Roi.
Review Engine Roi is a Facebook review app that will complete Nick Unsworth mission for you, because you don’t just get a simple app, you get the possibility of making a tribe who will skyrocket your social marketing and get you tons of free Facebook traffic over and over which will mean you get the financial freedom to do whatever you like.
Nick Unsworth’s mission can sound a bit tacky, but with the coming product it might actually help on achieving your wildest dreams at least this can help you generate the free Facebook traffic that bring in the clients for your business.